Bridal Bliss and Bridal Shows


Tomorrow I am going to a bridal show with Brett’s cousin, Shelby, and I am very excited.  However, I am also slightly nervous.  I know that I am going to feel so overwhelmed and stressed out just looking at all of the exhibits and having people want to talk to me about the wedding services they provide.

Whatever happened to simpler times when weddings meant going to a church and then having a reception in the basement, serving cake, punch and mixed nuts?  I’m sure that there truly were blushing brides that felt light on their feet and could, to a degree, slightly relax for the time leading up to their ‘big’ day.  Instead, nowadays brides spend months planning the picture perfect Pinterest wedding that they have been dreaming of ever since they first created their Pinterest account.  The guest lists are huge in number because nobody wants to step on people’s toes by not inviting great Aunt Margery whom no one in the bride’s family has talked to in five years.  If there’seen the slightest bit of a memory built with someone, whether it’s with someone from your family, a friend, or just someone who lived on your college dorm floor and you only talked to them once during freshman move in day, then you had best invite them so that their feelings aren’t hurt.  It’s just to a degree ridiculous.  Weddings used to be so intimate and small but they just get bigger and bigger.

Whenever I start thinking about the wedding and the reception that Brett and I are currently trying to plan and get together I start feeling overwhelmed, slightly panicky and I start daydreaming about eloping and just running away from all of it.  We have completely moved away from wanting to do something small and are now planning something bigger.  Sure, I am having fun with some of it and am excited for the big day and the “party” but it’s just all so scary.  Tomorrow will be a lot of fun with Shelby, looking at the pretty displays and talking all day about what we want for our weddings, as she is a bride to be as well.  But I’m not going to try to pretend as if by the end of the event we won’t be ready to go home, put on a pair of sweatpants and possibly cry.  I’m pretty sure that we will end up being two blushing brides that will be looking through Pinterest late at night, stressed out and with a bottle of Moscato on the bed stand next to us.

I Love Grocery Shopping


Maybe I’m crazy, but I absolutely love grocery shopping.  I think it might be because it makes me feel like a true adult in a way.  Feeling the metal in my hands as I push the cart through the aisles and sometimes jumping onto the bar at the front and riding it as it moves brings such a thrill to me.  Filling my cart with food and thinking ahead of what I will do with it for meals makes me feel like I’m a successful woman.  And I’m not saying that I am one of those people that thinks a woman’s job and place is in the kitchen.  By no means do I think that.  But I do enjoy (trying) to cook, I like cleaning and I don’t mind being in the kitchen.

Brett really hates grocery shopping.  We have been known to go into the store in a perfectly fine mood, making jokes with each other and holding hands.  Yet, somehow between the time it takes us to enter the store, shop and then leave, we end up in an argument and are annoyed with each other.  It’s always something small too, like that I buy too much pasta (it’s my favorite) or that he shouldn’t judge me because I don’t like touching raw meat, even in the bag or whatever it is in.  Just little things like that.  It’s not those things though that make us grumpy.  It’s the time leading up to it.  Just walking through the store gives him a headache and he will do anything to get us in and out as quickly as possible.  That very well may mean that while I want a gallon of milk he’ll instead pick up a bag of marshmallows and say it’s close enough.  Or I might be standing reading the ingredients in something and be taking too long so he will lean on the cart and say “Okay, that’s fine, just get it!”.  And the worst part about all of this is that I find it funny that he acts this way and that we think so differently about our grocery shopping habits, and me laughing or not taking him seriously only makes him more annoyed and grumpy.

Are all guys like this?  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the way he acts, let me make that clear.  I really don’t mind that he hates it that badly!  I kinda find it cute as well as funny.  I just think that maybe that’s one of those ways that men and women are wired differently.  Then again I am sure that there are plenty of women out there who hate grocery shopping.  I don’t know why but I just genuinely love grocery shopping.  Can anyone relate to me or to Brett?

Band, DJ or Computer and Playlist?


I’m really having trouble deciding what to do for music at me and Brett’s wedding reception.  Brett really wants either a band or a DJ because he thinks that they will do a better job at keeping the party going and the energy up.  While I agree with that, I just don’t know how badly I want us to put the money towards that.  I would like to just make a playlist of four hours of music, set up my laptop and a speaker and just have a friend push play and pause.  Pretty easy, right?  I would get them a gift card to go out to eat somewhere nice, put together a nice gift bag for them.  I would be sure to thank them and let them know that I appreciate them and what they’r doing!  And of course I would need a microphone so that they could announce our entrance, the first dance and other things like that.  I just like the idea of doing that as opposed to a DJ or band because it would be so much cheaper.  The only really hard part will be making the playlist itself and knowing what the perfect order will be to play each song.  I’ve got a couple of songs that I know I want to use for certain but definitely not four hours worth of songs.  Not yet at least.  I’m in the process of finding some songs right now.  I know that Brett really would prefer a band or DJ but I’ll try to talk him into doing the playlist idea.  I just think it would be better to spend the money we would on a DJ or band on the honeymoon or something else.  So, please, leave your comments and please tell me what type of music you had at your wedding reception and also please leave me some songs to either add to the list or check out.  I don’t care if those songs are love songs or simply songs that make you want to get up and dance.  Lay them on me!

My Pinterest Wedding Has Me Panicked


Ever since I created my Pinterest account I have been slowly, one pin at a time, started daydreaming about the wedding I want.  Yes, I am one of those girls.  Now that I am engaged I can actually start planning it and also use the ideas I have found that interest me.  However, while I am incredibly excited about getting married and I am sure that I will have fun planning, decorating and organizing it, I am also quickly coming to realize how truly stressful it all is and how overwhelmed I am probably going to feel until it’s all over.

Brett and I are having our wedding with reception to follow on May 2, 2015 at 4;30 pm.  That’s only four months and a handful of days away.  That amount of time is going to fly by before I know it and that scares me so badly.  What if I don’t get everything done in time, like sending out invites?  We started out wanting to have a small number of guests and make it just really intimate and sweet, but that’s out the door now that before I even knew what was happening Brett and his sisters and mother started listing off their relatives that would need to be invited and slowly the guest list got bigger and bigger. We’re at 94 people right now and the building we are going to rent for the day only holds 120 people.  That many people all greeting me and talking to me, all there for US, is so daunting.  The idea of having that many eyes on me makes me unbelievably nervous.

Maybe I should just stay off of Pinterest until after the wedding.  I just keep finding so many great ideas for decorations and everything in between and I can’t decide what i want to use and what ideas I want to steal.  I keep seeing timelines that are supposed to work as a checklist for everything you should do and get done each step of the way, month to month leading up to the big day.  After reading each one of those checklists which is the same as the one before and the one before that, I am learning that I am very behind and am running out of time.  I’m sure I’ll get everything done, I have a lot of help and support but that still doesn’t make it any less stressful.

I ‘m getting nervous because I don’t want to be that bride that runs around like a chicken with it’s head chopped off.  So, please, send me your prayers and any advice you may have for me.  Give me advice about how to relax and stay focused and organized.  In the mean time, when I’m ready to attempt winding down at the end of the night I’ll continue crawling into bed, turning on “One Tree Hill” on Netflix, grabbing my notebook and laptop, and continue sitting on Pinterest for hours until my eyes are crossing and I want to cry.

Looking for Home Sweet Home


Brett and I are living in a little house right now with another roommate of ours.  Well, more correctly, I moved into the house and it was Brett and Jess before I came along.  But anyhow…. They are renting the house right now and the lease is up in March.  Brett and I are not sure what we want to do.  Here’s what we’ve been thinking and some of the ideas we’ve been playing around with just tentatively.  Oh, and we want to get married next year, probably sometime between March and May.. Okay, so…

We could stay at the house we’re at now and rent it again for a year or so.  The cost is not very much and the house itself is a good size for newly weds.  It’s a nice little house.  I like it okay and I could see us living here and making it our home.  It’s about ten minutes from where he works too.  However, neither one of us are too crazy about the location of the house or the town we live in.  Parts of it are just run down.

We could look for someplace else in two different towns we like and move into a completely different house, town and setting.  That excites me because one of the towns we like has such a cozy feel to it and has little shops and places to eat.  It feels like a modern Mayberry.  Everyone seems to know everyone, the town seems clean, safe and happy, and I work at a coffee shop there, so I would be close to work.

Here’s one of the final options… we save up money by living with Brett’s family for a bit in their spare room, continue to work at our jobs and then move out of state or even out of the country.  We would like to live in either Seattle, somewhere in Maine, or even Canada.  We love the idea of packing up and just leaving, exploring new places and seeing new things.  Sure, maybe living at his parent’s  house isn’t exactly ideal but then again, who cares when we could save up and completely start new?

So, where do you guys live?  Where are all of you reading this from?  What are some of the things you love about where you live and what makes it feel like home for you?  Please feel free to leave your comments!  I love the city because it is constantly moving and alive, I love architecture and busy streets.  Brett hates it.  I love Indianapolis and spent every day there for close to a year.  It feels like home in a couple ways.  However, I my parents live in the country, our house is across from a corn field and I have best friends who own horses, sheep, and cattle.  I love the country, seeing trees and being so close and personal with nature.  I love mountains too so maybe we could look into moving to the Smokey Mountains.

Let me know what you guys think and where you are all from!  i’d love some feedback!

Wait… I’m Short?


This evening when Brett and I were at Panera Breadm a lady taht I think worked there walked next to me, stopped, looked me up and down and then said ” Haha look! Finally someone shorter than me!”  Seriously?!  I don’t get why people think that it’s okay to just say that to me or make jokes about it.  I don’t find it amusing and I get at least one comment from someone each day that I go out in public.  Maybe when they say something about my height or when they ask me how short I am I will reply “Well, how much do you weigh?” and see how that makes them feel.  At Brett’s family’s Thanksgiving get together, many of them pointed out multiple times that I am the same height now that his younger sister, who is now 20, was at age ten.  And then they had me stand next to his cousin who is six foot something and his grandmother who is barely taller than me.  Of course they took pictures of this.

I get so sick of being used as arm rests, being asked how the weather is down at my level and being told to stand in the front for group pictures and being laughed at.  As if I didn’t know that I was going to be placed there.  I’m not some circus freak, I’m just short.  It is what it is.  I’m Hispanic.  Hispanic people are all fairly short.  And you know what?  There hasn’t been a single day that has gone by where I have forgotten whether I was short or not.  I know that I am so the reminders really aren’t needed.  I don’t find it funny when jokes are made at me, and I especially hate it when the jokes are from people I’ve never even met.  It’s rude and I hate it.

There’s my rant for the day.

Turning a House into a Home


As I talked about in my last post, I have moved in with my fiance and I am starting to feel like I am finally home.  It really is true what people say about home being where your heart is at.  I feel most at home when I am with Brett.  Right now we are living in a small, two bedroom house and one of the rooms belongs to his roommate he had before I moved in, one of his best friends Jess.  Slowly I am starting feel more at home and relaxed as I add little touches to it and try to decorate.

It’s really rather funny how no matter how big or small something is that I buy for the house, I am so incredibly proud of it.  For example, I bought a little rug for the kitchen and I love looking down at it.  I bought a plate from Meijer for $4.79 on clearance and it’s so big and pretty, a gold color with circle designs in the glass.  I have decided that I am going to use that for my keys or other little things and leave it on the table.  Are there other people out there that remember being like this when they first became independent or moved in with their significant other or got married? It’s such a great feeling getting things for both me and Brett to enjoy and use.  The other day we got a bed comforter and we love it! It’s so cozy and it just really makes the whole bedroom look so much more adult and “mature” I guess you could say.

You know you’re growing up when you are asked what you want for Christmas and you reply that you would really love a couple pots and pans or measuring cups.  The real world and the adult world is kinda scary, but it’s the little things like this that make it so exciting and fun.